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Entry fee is per boat/team $100 deposit -$425 cash due day of arrival


 $5,000 Guaranteed prize pool. Garmin LiveScope package to biggest walleye by length. In the event of a tie the team with the bigger bag wins! 8 Douglas trolling rods to be given away on Friday to eight different winners (Valued at $250 a rod!) 3 biggest  fish combined length will decide overall winners. Paying 3 places minimum. 1st - $2,500 2nd - $1,500 3rd - $1000. All teams will have one room at The Aspinwall Motel which is a quarter mile from the Henderson Harbor boat launch for Friday Nov 3rd and Saturday Nov 4th. You may add a room for Thursday or Sunday for an additional fee. We'll get together Friday at 5:30 pm to issue bump boards and go over rules. There will be grills there for Barbecuing so bring some meat if you'd like. The tournament will start Saturday morning. Boats can be in the water at 6:00 AM and may precede to their starting spot however no fish can be entered until 6:30 AM . The tournament will finish on Sunday Nov 5th. 11:00 AM. Night Fishing is Permitted. US waters only. Anglers must record their fish with the official bump board as well as the FishDonkey app. $525 per team $315 for locals who don't need rooms. However only motel guests are eligible for the rod giveaway. Pay the  $100 Deposit on our homepage and bring the $425 balance. Or call or text 570-510-0911.


1. All Entries must be made on the tournament issued board. It is LEGAL to swing the tail.

2. The mouth of the fish MUST BE CLOSED during measurement. you will be docked at least a quarter inch for infractions if deemed necessary.

3. It's legal to hold the fish on the board while taking photos or videos. You may take as many photos and videos  as needed in the app.

4. You may NOT possess ANY Walleye in your boat.

5. It is legal to launch anywhere from Henderson Harbor in the South to the Cape Vincent Public launch to the North. So basically any of the bays as well as The isthmus and Cape Vincent on the St. Lawrence.

6. If you are accused of cheating you may be subject to a lie detector test.

7.  (9) lines max! 

8. Entries outside the Fish Donkey app will not be accepted. 

9. All participants must follow all NYS fishing rules at all times. 

10. All fish must be caught by registered participants.

11. Boats must have all required safety equipment.

12. The Tournament will be open to fishing from start to finish. Have fun and be kind!


$100 deposit -$425 cash due day of arrival-

Credit Cards are accepted ( 3%  CC Fee+tax) 

2023 Chaumont Masters Presents The Clash at the Crescent

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